Premium Range

Fresh, fruity light daytime wine. Ideal to drink with light food, such as salads, pastas and/or food you enjoy. Verdelho is a wine that is made in steel vats which allows the flavours of the fruit to be the dominant characteristic of the wine. It has a clean acid crispness with fruity flavours that linger on the palate. A great wine to drink when young. It is a drink now wine.
Preservative (220) added.
13.50% Alc/Vol, Approximately 7.60 standard drinks. 750mL

Unwooded Chardonnay
This wine devotes confectionery characteristics. A delightful light wine with a soft acid component that allows the true flavours of the chardonnay grapes to dominate. Made in stainless steel vats to allow the grape flavours to be the major character of this fresh fruity wine. Ideal to drink when young, the wine can be enjoyed, when accompanied with dishes of chicken, seafood, creamy pastas, foods you enjoy or just on its own.
Preservative (220) added.
12.5% ALC/VOL, 7.4 Standard drinks

Oaked Chardonnay
The premium chardonnay was aged in three French barrels and eight American barrels for a period of 3 months. The barrels were then combined and unwooded chardonnay added to soften the influence of the two oaks. An aroma of vanilla is evident when taking the nose of the wine. In the month the vanilla character of the American oak is truly evident. A creaminess in the wine is a result of a combination of the American and French oak barrels. On the back palate the wine finishes with a caramel/butterscotch. This comes from the flavours infused from the French oak barrels. A delicate wine of distinction that is ideal to drink now or to cellar up to 5 years.
Preservative (220) added.
12.50% Alc/Vol, Approximately 7.70 standard drinks.

Botrytis, which is a natural occurring fungus in the environment is allowed to inject semillon grapes that are left on the vines. The botrytis injection causes the grapes to dehydrate rapidly. * The white furry mould you see on tomatoes is botrytis which allows the sugar levels to rise. The botrytised fruit is pickled late at 18% sugar. Volumes are reduced to approximately 150mL to 200mL per tonne. The fruit is pressed off, then fermented. Fermentation is stopped when the wine reaches 11% alcohol. The unfermented residual sugar gives the wine its sweetness. An aroma of fermented oranges is characteristic of this wine with an intense sweetness on the palate. Ideal to drink, cold with desserts or fruit, after a meal.
Preservative (220) added.
11.00% Alc/Vol, Approximately 6.50 standard drinks. 750mL

Shiraz - trophy & medal winning wine
The 2006 shiraz has been awarded a gold medal in the Hunter Valley Boutique Winemakers Show, then a trophy as the Best Shiraz in its class, followed by a further trophy for the Best Red Wine of Show from 507 entrants. It is a wine of distinction and quality. It is the best wine Nightingales have in the winery. The awards for this wine follow the 2005 James Busby Trophy for Nightingale Wines´┐Ż 2003 Shiraz. Shiraz grapes from the vineyard and winemaking process combine to make outstanding trophy winning wines. The full bodied wine has a rich peppery, spicy nose with an elegant fruitiness. Extended maturing in American oak barrels has enhanced the flavours and smoothness of the wine, resulting in a soft lingering tannin on the palate. A wine made to drink now but will benefit with careful cellaring up to 7 years.
Preservative (220) added.
14.00% Alc/Vol, Approximately 8.3 standard drinks. 750mL

Cabernet Sauvignon
This wine displays an aroma of raspberries as the major fruit flavour on the nose. Strawberries, mulberries, blackberries and blueberries are also evident on the nose. The wine reflects these berry flavours in the mouth as well. Soft tannins and a rich smooth elegance are also displayed in this wine with its complete bouquet. The characteristics of this rich intense flavour filled wine have been achieved by pumping the cool juice over the warm cap in the vat, then followed a malolactic fermentation and twelve months aging in American oak barrels. An early drinking fruit driven style of wine that will benefit from careful mid term cellaring. A wine of distinction and elegance.
Preservative (220) added.
13.1% Alc/Vol, Approximately 7.8 standard drinks. 750mL

Grapes used to make this outstanding smooth rich merlot were grown on the rich soils at Nightingale Wines, adjacent to the brook. The wine was produced in a closed red fermenter with the cool juice pumped up and over the skin cap the extract maximum colour. It was then aged in American oak barrels for twelve months. This process has allowed the plumby character of the fruit to be very evident on the nose. When held in the mouth, the wine explodes with rich ripe plumby flavours. On the front of the palate the tongue tingles with pepper, which lasts for a considerable time. The fruit flavours and soft tannins along with the pepper finish makes this wine one of distinction.
Preservative (220) added.
13.00% Alc/Vol, Approximately 7.7 standard drinks. 750mL

Sparkling Shiraz
This is a fun wine, made using shiraz grapes. The full flavour of ripe shiraz grapes have been fermented in closed vats. A small amount of residual sugar has ensured a sweetness is retained in the finished wine. The juice was then lightly aerated to complete this not so serious, fun wine. Ideal to drink as a starter, the wine should be consumed with friends in one sitting.
It is suitable for immediate consumption.
Preservative (220) added
14% ALC/VOL 8.3 Standard drinks 750mL

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