Specialty Wines

Botrytis Semillon
The Botrytis Semillon wine in this bottle comes from grapes grown in the Broke Fordwich area of the Hunter Valley. A complexity of apricots, nuts and citrus flavours are characteristic of this exceptional dessert wine.
The wine is rich in flavour yet soft on the palate with a crisp clean finish. Ideal to drink at the conclusion of that perfect meal, with fruit - and good friends.
Preservative (220) added.
11.5% ALC/VOL, 3.4 Standard drinks, 375mL

Gail Force Port
A fortified wine made specifically for the lady after whom it was named, Gail Nightingale. Gail wanted a port that did not burn and had a smoothness of sweet grapes. The port has been blended from grape varieties grown on the Gail Grove vineyard, fortified with spirit, then aged in oak barrels. This process has created a luscious, full bodied, velvet smooth port. It has a delightful sweetness and a clean lingering finish on the palate. This port is unique to Nightingale Wines and once tasted it will bring you back to Nightingales time and again to taste and/or purchase another Gail Force Port.
Preservative (220) added
18% ALC/VOL, 11 Standard drinks, 750mL

Verdelho Liqueur
This liqueur is made from verdelho grapes in the same tradition as the Portuguese Madera wine. The verdelho grapes are left on the wines allowing the sugar levels to rise to about 16%, Once harvested the juice is extracted, then fortified using brandy spirit. Basically this liqueur is made in the same way the Gail Force Port is made but using Verdelho grapes. The liqueur made each year is combined with liqueur made in previous years in French oak barrels. The liqueur ready for bottling is taken from a barrel that has been aged for three years. An ideal wine to enjoy with chocolate and coffee. A wine made for the serious consumer.
Preservative (220) added
Antioxidant (300) added
12.5% ALC/VOL 7.4 Standard drinks 350ML

This Rosé has been made from both Cabernet Sauvignon and Chambourcin. Fermented in open vats at very low temperatures has allowed the wine to ferment slowly which helps develop all the true colours of Rosé. Ideal to drink now with Asian dishes and salad. This is the perfect sunshine wine for those happy days.
Preservative (220) added
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