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What is ‘Noble Rot?’

What is ‘Noble Rot?’

Noble Rot is a type of Ascomycota which is a type of Fungi aslo known as Botrytis cinerea.

Is Noble Rot Good for Wine?

Noble Rot is great for sweet wines as Noble Rot wiil do two things to a wine the frist thing Noble Rot will do to a wine is intensify the sweetness of your wine and second it will add flavours to the wine often the flavor added by Noble Rot is described as honey, beewax, and ginger.

What does Noble Rot look like.

Noble Rot will dry out the fruit so it will sun dried appearance as pictured below.

Noble Rot is great for sweet wines but not all wines are sweet so if your vineyard is full of noble rot its safe bet to make a range of sweet wines.


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