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Why you can’t buy this wine in Australia

The Worlds First Legally THC Infused Wine is now in production and hitting the shelfs of some Californian Wineries. Celebratory Chelsea Handler and Melissa Etheridge drink this wine on the reg, and Etheridge has even said that getting high off of weed-infused wine puts you in a “really beautiful place.”

In Australia we are not likely to see THC infused wines anytime soon. Before you pack your bags and head to California here a few things you will need. Medical marijuana certificate. Be well enough to fly to California but sick enough to need medical marijuana and a fat load of greenbacks as 1 bottle will set back you over $1000 dollars.

So unless you are a Celebratory like Chelsea Handler and Melissa Etheridge or in dire need of medical weed wine its unlikely you will see this fine drop in your wine rack at home.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t stock up on quailty Hunter Valley Wines.


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