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Special guest Thai cooks direct from Bangkok

Special guest Thai cooks direct from Bangkok

*update – due to Anzac day on Tuesday, Monday 24th April will be the last day of Thai.

We are honored to be joined by 2 guest chefs this week from Bangkok, come on in and enjoy the best Thai food right here at Nightingale Wines. Limited time only.

This Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday

To Book call 02 6579 1499


Nightingale Wines Restaurant Thai Selection  Late April 2017


Chicken Satay           $15

tender satay sticks with soft peanut sauce.

Fish Cake        $12.50

fried fish cake with home style sweet chili sauce

Spring Rolls                    $13

bean Sprouts, green bean thread, green onions, and  cilantro wrapped with spring roll skins served with  home style chili sauce and topped with peanuts.

Chicken Wings   $15

Deep fried chicken wings marinated in spices and served with sweet chili sauce.

Golden Bags    $15

Crispy bag filled with chicken minced, water chest nut, prawn, celery, ground peanut and spring onion.

Mix Entrée     $16

Chicken Satay, Fish Cake, Spring Rolls, Chicken Wings, and Golden Bags.

Mains Pad Thai   $22

Bangkok style stir fried rice noodle with Pad Thai sauce,  prawn, seafood/ chicken, egg, bean sprout topped with  green onion, ground peanut.

Yellow Curry        $18

South style yellow curry with chicken and potato.

Larb Gai / Moo     $18

finely minced chicken breast or pork done in traditional Buddhist way prepared with Thai herb.

Thai Fried Rice   $18 / $22

fried rice with seasoning, egg, broccoli, carrot and onion.

Som Tom            $18

Issan style (Thailand country style) fresh green papaya  salad mixed with lime juice, fresh chili, tomatoes  and fish sauce.

Thai Style BBQ Chicken ( portion ½ chicken)   $26

grilled 1/2 chicken marinated and served with dipping sauce.

Pad Pak         $22

Stir fried mixed vegetables of the day with the oyster sauce.

Classical Tom Yum Soup  A Thai staple

sweet & sour soup with prawns
Sides all $6 steam rice  &  roti


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